Interesting UxD Websites … Says Me ! 321 :D

I posted earlier some UXD websites i intentioned to use as a resourcres for my study , there was a Smashing magazine  link showed alot of websites and blogs concerned with the UXD field

I’ve been tracking these blogs for days to figure out which really Give helpful information in a regular base  !! , Some of them where far away from the point and the others where just a duplicate !


1- User Experience

What I Think ! :

It’s Mainly a Q/A Website , not a specific topic to read about , It’s Kindof a “Special purpose”     Site  if you wanna ask Group of professional to guarantee a trusted answer.

2-  UX Matters

What I Think ! :

Great For Further reading and Ux News , but not for a beginner ! :S

3-52 weeks of UX

What I Think ! :

It’s a pretty Cool source of info for both the advanced and the beginners level ,

I like  their  articles  and topics but Unfortunetly I can’t get why they call It “52 weeks ” ! 😀

there must be a trick  in their and i’m Gonna find it Soon ISA 😀

4- Ux Quotes

What I Think ! :

It’s kindaof nice to read quotes inspire you in your professional side , not just spiritually ! 🙂 .

That’s also applied  To the Quotes from the User  Site which offer quotes said by the users ! As

it said ” Customer is always Right ” ! hah ? 😉

5- Viget Advance

What I Think ! :

In-Depth articles in the UXD , a little bit advanced but ” as a beginner ” I still Could Get it ! (Y) 🙂

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