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Lavalamp EFFECT … Pick ur FAV !! ;)

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful


Hey Folks !!

U Know the “LAVALAMP” Effect ?? do you ??

If you don’t so it’s that kind of Animations that makes menus look Catchy and interesting and makes u wanna hover the Menu over and over again ! 😀

It’s Good looking and gives the Pages special Touch of  interactivity !

jQuery plugins are Great in many ways and it can easily replace the Old Fashioned / Heavy to load flash !!

That goes for HTML 5 too , but it’s out of our scope now !

Here I Present several kinds of this effect implemented in tutorials !

Btw Don’t panic it’s a piece of cake !! 😉

buckle up and Get Started !! 😉







Thank YOU !! 🙂

Mini Css3 Form !

HOwdy !! This is a simple Css form with Jquery validation !! 🙂

Download the source code 🙂

Samples —>

1-Nothing selected 

 2-F_Name Selected

3- L_Name Selected 

Random CSS3 Play !!

This is  a simple example of CSS3 AWESOMENESS ! 😀

It’s basically Some transitions and shadows !

the first pic is “Keep dreaming” styled with Css3 and Google Fonts !

On hover on the word “Keep” … take a look ….

And so on “Dreaming” ! 🙂




It’s Super Simple and it’s based on this Smashing magazine Post  ! 🙂

to download my version of the story Plz click here  ! 🙂

Just Plz Dnt try to open it using IE !! it sucks anyway !!


El Nashra News is A Home Page Sample of a news web site ..

Technologies Used Css/HTML/Jquery/Photoshop/Google fonts

This is the first draft , alot of improvements can be added to the page

To download the full page please visit :

I hope you Like it

Stylish CSS Form ! Easy (Y)

Simple Example Of CSS menus !!

This tutorial contains a simple example of how to create a CSS menu from scratch !

I like IT ! 😉

P.s : Is GREEEEEEEATT for any CSS beginner !