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Get InspiRED

This category is away from the technical part , however they’re completely relevant !

Nothing great can be achieved without the internal voice pushing you to be that AMAZING Person who’s always ,  winner ,  workaholic ( in a good way 😀 ) Helpful , creative , unique  or at least act like on them till you join the gang !

But in our Crazy , Sico , stressful life we sometimes lose this friend inside of us , So That’s why we need this Words to help us relight our minds and wake that Guy Up !! 🙂

These pictures/quotes helped me Alooot ! I’m happy to share it everyday here ! 🙂

Mmmmmmmm … What about UX ?!!

User Experience Design (UXD) I’ve heared that term several times and i usually notice web designer call themselves “UI/UX” designers but I don’t actually get it and i didn’t know ( till half an hour ago ) What IS THAT ! (A) :$

Since i’m digging my path into UI Design , I felt I should learn about UX Too ! ( FUN 😀 )

As usual i googled it and came up with the best tutorials for the Lovely Ux 😛

I’m gonna start with these links unordered :

So let’s see how it goes !! 🙂


El Nashra News is A Home Page Sample of a news web site ..

Technologies Used Css/HTML/Jquery/Photoshop/Google fonts

This is the first draft , alot of improvements can be added to the page

To download the full page please visit :

I hope you Like it

My CV _ New Version

Amira Salah Abdul rahim

changes made in the general style of the CV and i added the knowledge of Adobe flash cs4

Stylish CSS Form ! Easy (Y)

MY CV :)

Last version of my CV !

Amira Salah Abdul rahim

updated today .

Samples of my work are attached

Simple Example Of CSS menus !!

This tutorial contains a simple example of how to create a CSS menu from scratch !

I like IT ! 😉

P.s : Is GREEEEEEEATT for any CSS beginner !

If YOU’re A DESIGNER !! :)

Thanks for visiting my blog ! 🙂

this blog is mainly done for showing my works samples ( art / Web ) .

it will contain useful information ( I hope ) to anyone interested in Web design field

Thank You 🙂